Reddreader FAQs

Why aren't there more results?

I'm using an API wrapper called Snoowrap for NodeJS that enables me to hit the Reddit API. I wanted Reddreader to be a weekly update, and you can't grab specific weeks in the past using the wrapper, so Reddreader will contain content from the 36th week of 2017 onwards. I might do a 'best of Subreddit X 2017' at the end of the year.

What kind of scraping do you use?

I'm using Snoowrap to grab results via the Reddit API. There are definitely better methods - such as using Request & Cheerio to properly scrape web pages then parse the text, but TBH for this project I wanted to keep it simple. Down the line I might look into a more intense method of scraping results.

What Technology Does It Use?

Angular 4+, Angular CLI, NodeJS, Express, Bootstrap 4, Snoowrap and much, much more! Check out the package.json over at Github.

How Does It Make Money?

Every book sold via a link on Reddreader earns me a percentage of the revenue via the Amazon Affiliate program

How long have you been coding?

I've been coding for just over 4 years properly - I tried to learn on & off for over a decade but didn't really start to understand how to really code things until I decided to just start building a project. That was the best decision I made in terms of learning to code - tutorials, books and videos can only take you so far. Just code baby!

This website sucks

That isn't a question. 😒

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